BackBone Men’s Division

Create a masculine culture where men can be great

We believe that every man deserves and is strengthened by having a group of men he trusts and can count on -- to celebrate his victories, help him recover and learn from his defeats, and provide honest, thoughtful, unflinching feedback.

To accomplish this, the Backbone Men’s Division is made up of men of all ages from the Boston area, who meet together weekly in small teams, and monthly, in a large group. We hang out around a fire, have fun, and inspire, teach, and support each other to consistently choose a life of adult masculinity, lived with purpose, clarity and integrity.

Membership is open to all men, and we invite you to consider joining us. We have introductory meetings where you can find out more about Backbone, and we invite you to attend our team and division meetings to see what they're like.

If you decide to join us, you will need to participate in and complete two programs

1) A men’s initiation weekend that will help you uncover more about your deepest potential as a powerful, purposeful, responsible man, and bond with other men who are on the same path. Find out more about the next New England Legacy Discovery Weekend

2) A training program where you will learn how to effectively be part of a men’s team, building trust, and teaching and learning from one another.

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BackBone Division

Come to a Backbone Meeting

If you want to learn more about joining a men's team and becoming a member of Backbone, come to a Backbone Meeting, usually on Monday evenings.

For more information, or for an invitation to one of our weekly meetings, please contact - 781-367-5320.

New England Legacy Discovery

Be the man you’ve always wanted to be

The purpose of Legacy Discovery is to connect you to your masculine identity through the wisdom of men and with that power put your legacy into action. Legacy Discovery is based on the collective “wisdom of the Men,” including your personal experience. It is about being a man in relationship with other men and deepening your connection with the men in your life.

This will be a challenging, intimate and revealing experience, one that you will not forget. It is designed to put you in touch with what it is to be a man so that you can achieve your purpose in life and “become the man you have always wanted to be.”

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